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Sirtfood Diet

Sirtfood Diet

There are hundreds of diets that you can try. However, most of them will tell you to avoid the stuff you enjoy - like red wine and chocolate. Not the Sirtfood diet. This one allows you to have those favorites and yet, you’ll still lose weight.

The Sirtfood Diet is based on eating foods that are known to contain sirtuins. These proteins are used to not only promote cellular health, but to also boost your metabolism and help your body burn fat.

The diet works by using the sirtuins to activate the skinny gene within your body. You will use the diet to lower the number of calories that you consume, but the foods that you eat on the diet, called sirtfoods, are what make energy for you.

And this is what makes losing the weight easier. The main point of the diet is to eat less and concentrate the foods you consume on a list of sirtfoods. When your meals are built using sirtfoods, it makes your body boost the production of sirtuins.

In addition to losing weight on the diet, you’ll also lower your risk of developing certain diseases. The diet does include a type of green juice that you’ll make using a recipe. It’s a strategy built using two phases, lasting for a total of three weeks, that you’ll need to follow.

The first one is a week long. During this time, you’ll lower the number of calories that you consume. In place of those calories, you’ll be drinking the green juice that you make.

The purpose of this phase is to kickstart your body so that it goes into a weight loss mode. At this time, you’ll lose weight rapidly because of the dietary changes you’ll make.

The caloric intake is limited to around 1,000 calories at the start but this does increase toward the end of phase one. Phase two lasts for fourteen days. The focus during this phase is not on a heavy calorie restriction, but rather on the sirtfoods that you’ll be eating based on the recipes you’ll be taught.

If, at the end of phase two, you decide that you want to lose more weight, you just begin again with the first phase. The recipes that you’ll need to know for the phases are from the Sirtfood Diet book.

The diet is good for anyone who wants to lose weight fast and then plans to maintain that loss. You’ll need to learn the sirtfoods, but that’s given in the diet book you’ll need to buy.

A mistake that you’ll want to watch out for is trying to substitute some of the ingredients in the recipes or the green juice. These foods are listed because they work to cause weight loss. You also don’t want to make the mistake of skipping the green juice to just eat the sirtfood meals.