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Special Report:Top 10 Fitness Excuses… and How to Overcome Them!

1) “I Don’t Have Time to Exercise”

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Not having time to exercise is probably the most common excuse. But it’s important to remember that we all have the exact same 24 hours in each day, we just choose how to use them differently.

If you aren’t making time for exercise, you aren’t making time for yourself and your wellbeing. Yes, you probably have a million things to do every day, but there should always be time to improve your health. Here are a few ideas:

• Start walking instead of driving wherever possible. If you could walk in 15 minutes or less, leave the car at home. It won’t add on much extra time to your errands, you’ll help save the environment, and you’ll be getting short bursts of exercise in much more often!

• Get up a little earlier. You could get up just 15 minutes earlier and use that time for a burst of high intensity exercise. Yes, even 15 minutes of intense exercise is worth doing! You probably won’t even notice those 15 minutes of sleep you miss.

• Split workouts into 10-15 minute segments. Official advice says we should workout for 30 minutes a day, but you can split this into smaller blocks if it helps you fit in more exercise.

• Work out while you watch TV. Yes, really! Why not jog on the spot of lift some weights while watching your favorite shows?

2) “I Never Stick to Anything”

If you feel as though you never stick to any fitness plan then it’s time to change something. You need to think about what has gone wrong in the past:

• Did you fail to set a schedule? Setting a schedule in advance prepares you mentally and makes it much more likely that you’ll get up and out.

• Were you doing something you hated? Lots of people find exercise boring, but it’s always worth trying something new in case you just haven’t found the right kind of exercise for you yet.

• Did you sign up to a gym miles away? If it takes you too long to get to the gym you’re far less likely to bother going!

• Did you keep your goals to yourself? Maybe this time you can try sharing your goals with family and friends so they can keep you accountable.

• Did you set unrealistic goals? The truth is it takes time to get fit. YES it’s going to be hard at first! You need to give it time and set goals you can really meet…

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