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Staying in Shape – Best Tips For Effective Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do; however, it can be expensive if you want to do it regularly. If you plan on taking it up competitively, the costs jump even higher.

The good news is, taking up swimming doesn’t have to break the bank. Below, you’ll discover some great tips for enjoying swimming on a budget.

Try to Find an Ocean Pool

A great way to save money on swimming is to try and find an ocean pool near you. They aren’t as common as standard swimming pools, but if you do have one near you, they are often free to use.

 Swim in the Ocean

If there is no ocean pool where you live, you could always head to your nearest ocean. Many beaches boast calm waters, allowing you to swim in them. Obviously, this is a little riskier than heading out to your local pool. However, it’s totally free and if you go early, you’ll beat the crowds.

Just remember to not swim too far out and keep an eye on the weather forecast before you go.

Don’t Waste Money on Accessories

You may be tempted to invest in the latest swimming gadgets. However, the truth is that you only really need a pair of goggles and swim wear. Anything else is a waste of money unless you plan on really getting into competitive swimming. Even then, you can wait until you reach competitive level until you have to invest in better equipment.

As well as saving you money, ocean pools are also much better for the body. They don’t contain chlorine and saltwater is much gentler on the hair and skin...

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