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Stock Up on UV Rays Whenever Possible

The changes that happen in your immune system in the seasons have a lot to do with how many UV rays you’re exposed to. In the summertime, it’s a lot easier to get access to UV light.

This is another reason why illness is less prevalent. When the days are warm and the weather is good, you’ll find more people outside. They’ll work out in the yard, and engage in outdoor activities like swimming.

More time is spent outdoor than inside. The exact opposite happens when winter hits. The majority of people want to stay inside where it’s warm. The overcast skies and chilly weather just don’t have the same pull that the warm, sunny days have.

But that’s exactly what the body needs. To be soaking up sun. When you have exposure to UV light, it works to help boost the body’s production of vitamin D. In turn, this vitamin is what works to aid the body in being able to process other helpful nutrients and vitamins.

Plus, it works as a warning to the body’s immune system when there’s an infection or viral invader. Sunlight boosts your T cells through your vitamin D. This is why your immune system is stronger in the summer months.

It’s also why you need to make sure you get or replicate that light in the winter as well as during the other times of the year. You can do this by planning outdoor activities regardless of the season...

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