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Using the Scale for Weight Loss

Using the Scale for Weight Loss

One of the best weight loss tricks for success is to use the weight scale you’ve hidden and dread to step on. But, scientists have recently revealed that it’s the best tool for shedding pounds – without diet or exercise.

The old way of thinking was to only weigh yourself once a week or even once a month. Now, studies indicate that when you weigh yourself every day, your chances of weight loss success increase tenfold.

Stepping on the scales can be a daily wake up call for you to cut down the calories and hit the gym. A recent study followed almost 300 women after measuring their body fat percentage.

Over the course of two years, the women were not on a weight loss diet. But, one group weighed every day and the other did not. The unexpected results showed that women who weighed themselves on a daily basis lost more weight and fat percentage than those who didn’t.

Weighing yourself daily is a form of motivation that can be highly effective when trying to change your eating and exercising behavior each day. Every pound you lose is concrete evidence – on the scale – that your weight loss plan is working or not.

As the scale indicates weight loss or gain, you can adjust the way you’re eating and exercising. The scale won’t lie to you and you can quickly see what’s working in your life and what isn’t.

The scale will also tell you a lot about your lifestyle. A night of drinking and binging on snacks will show on the scale as soon as the next day and you’ll have a good idea about what you must lose to maintain or shed pounds for health and wellness.

Things are changing rapidly in how we view weight loss methods. What was shunned in the past may have a popular revival in 2018 as more studies are performed and more is revealed about what works – and what doesn’t – for weight loss and healthy living.

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Fix Your Sleep to Fix Your Weight

not sleeping enough

Fix Your Sleep to Fix Your Weight

“Get a good night’s sleep” is often the last thing we say to family members at bedtime. That phrase may mean more than we originally thought. Sleep is now considered to be the best and simplest way to beat the battle of the bulge by losing weight and keeping it off.

The Sleep diet has nothing to do with food – and everything to do with getting healthy by stabilizing hormones and balancing metabolism. These two factors are essential to your overall health and can prevent diabetes and heart disease.

Studies about sleep continue to grow – and 2018 will reveal even more about how our sleep habits affect our health. Research has already revealed that sleep restriction causes an overload of stress hormones and prevent your metabolism’s ability to function properly.

Lack of sleep also causes an extreme decrease in the hormone, leptin. Leptin regulates your fat storage and can cause weight gain. Ghrelin is also a hormone that has much to do with an increase in appetite. Lack of sleep increases the presence of that hormone in your body and can cause overeating.

Studies show that there is a definite connection between sleep time and weight gain. If you sleep less than five hours or more than nine hours per night, your chances of weight gain are increased.

Your body views excess weight as a holding tank for energy, so when you’re tired the body piles on more fat to get the energy you need. The remedy for fatigue and weight gain is – sleep.

It’s important that you get enough sleep and that it’s quality sleep to get the weight loss results you want. Food diets often don’t work because they’re restrictive and make extreme changes to the foods you eat.

That’s when cravings occur and you give in only to gain more weight. The sleep diet doesn’t work like that. It can work very effectively to shed pounds – but there are certain rules you must follow to make it work.

You can try the sleep diet for a week to see how you fare. First, you must know how much sleep you want each night. What would your bedtime be if you set your desired number of hours to 8? Now, stick to that time.

It may be more difficult than you think. You should give up alcohol and sweets that might keep you awake at night during the sleep diet so you can get an accurate reflection of how the diet will work for you.

Studies up to now indicate that constant sleep deprivation might increase cravings for high-calorie foods. Women who are sleep deprived have much more chance of gaining weight than those who slept at least seven hours per night.

Sleep is a great benefit for your body. You’ll feel less fatigued and it will be much easier to stick to consuming healthy foods. Do what you need to do to get a good night’s sleep and you’ll rest easy knowing you’re doing the best thing for your body.

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