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5 Tips for Going Gluten Free on a Budget

When you decide to improve your health by going gluten-free, you may feel a little sick as you see the prices for gluten-free products at the supermarket.  While eliminating gluten may be a health necessity, it can put a strain on your wallet.

Read on to learn how you can go gluten-free and hang on to some of your hard-earned money.

1.  Learn to Bake.  The most expensive gluten-free items are those that are baked and mimic foods such as cookies, cakes, and breads.  If you learn to bake you can save money by purchasing only the ingredients and doing the labor yourself.

You’ll also find that baking foods yourself is healthier than many of the processed options you’ll find that are gluten-free.

2.  Buy in Bulk.  When it comes to any purchase, it’s always less expensive to buy in bulk.  You can buy many gluten-free items online or in a warehouse superstore and get a big discount on the unit cost.

One important thing to remember, though, is that you need to store these items properly so that they don’t go bad before you use them.  For example, you may need to store some items in a freezer while others are okay at room temperature in an airtight container.

3.  Stay Away from Processed Foods.  There are many foods that are naturally gluten-free and are much less expensive than highly processed foods.  For example, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats are always gluten-free.  Rice is also an inexpensive grain that’s naturally free from gluten.

4.  Clip Coupons and Watch Sales.  When there are processed items that you just have to have, look for coupons to help give you a discount.  The newspaper is a great source of coupons as are many online coupon sites.  You can also check your weekly ads and stock up when your favorites are on sale.

5.  Make a Meal Plan.  For any type of diet, it’s always less expensive to plan meals ahead of time.  This allows you to stick to your budget as well as use expensive items for more than one purpose in a given week.

When you stick to your meal plan you’re less likely to make last minute purchases of gluten-free convenience foods that can be expensive.  It’s also good to include snack options in your meal plan to save money.

It’s possible to eat gluten-free without killing your grocery budget and still have plenty of foods you enjoy.