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Do Away With Deprivation

Do Away With Deprivation

Diets have often been perceived as depriving ourselves of the rich foods we love. That’s why diets are doomed to fail and you’re destined to add even more pounds to the load you need to lose.

Not only does the long-term effect of deprivation dieting mean sure failure, but it can also be very harmful. People think they’re going to diet for a short period of time and lose the excess weight and be done with it.

This method may be temporarily successful, but at the end of the diet people go back to their old eating habits and the body immediately turns the food into fat cells to replace the ones lost on the diet.

The reason diets are doomed to fail is that they’re based on deprivation – some of it very extreme. You may cut calories or certain foods, be required to weigh the ingredients on a food scale or only eat certain meals at certain times.

These rules are difficult to follow on a long-term basis – especially for the rest of your life. You may have brief control over the weight loss situation and lose a few pounds, but it isn’t feasibly sustainable.

Deprivation soon gets old and self-control wanes on the limitations diets demand. Back to square one you go – and the guilt and negativity that comes with it can ruin your mindset of achievement.

Leading a life free of deprivation diets should not give you the green light to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Sweets, alcohol and fast foods should be considered along with everything else with a mindset that leads you to ultimate success.

The new recommendation about weight loss is to make small changes in your eating habits that are sustainable and keep adding changes you want to make as you become used to each change.

For example, you might give up or cut down on the amount of sweets you have each day or eat earlier than just before bedtime. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the results of just that one small change will affect your weight and mindset.

This method is slower than the immediate weight loss you may have from a deprivation diet, but it makes more sense in the long run because you’re adhering to the change and not facing multiple changes at one time that are more difficult to control.

If you’re contemplating a vegan diet, give it some time by beginning with a couple of handfuls of veggies at a certain time of day for a couple of weeks. It’s a slower change, but it’s more likely to last rather than a quick and complete change to your habits.

A sugar cleanse diet may last three weeks or longer, but if you simple cut out that morning chocolate croissant and make eggs instead, you’ll be able to control the sweet intake and eventually cut it out completely.

The future of dieting is changing rapidly and the more we know about how our bodies react to certain diets such as deprivation, the more we realize that it doesn’t work in the long run, but small changes over a period of time can help you be successful in your weight loss efforts.

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Using the Scale for Weight Loss

Using the Scale for Weight Loss

One of the best weight loss tricks for success is to use the weight scale you’ve hidden and dread to step on. But, scientists have recently revealed that it’s the best tool for shedding pounds – without diet or exercise.

The old way of thinking was to only weigh yourself once a week or even once a month. Now, studies indicate that when you weigh yourself every day, your chances of weight loss success increase tenfold.

Stepping on the scales can be a daily wake up call for you to cut down the calories and hit the gym. A recent study followed almost 300 women after measuring their body fat percentage.

Over the course of two years, the women were not on a weight loss diet. But, one group weighed every day and the other did not. The unexpected results showed that women who weighed themselves on a daily basis lost more weight and fat percentage than those who didn’t.

Weighing yourself daily is a form of motivation that can be highly effective when trying to change your eating and exercising behavior each day. Every pound you lose is concrete evidence – on the scale – that your weight loss plan is working or not.

As the scale indicates weight loss or gain, you can adjust the way you’re eating and exercising. The scale won’t lie to you and you can quickly see what’s working in your life and what isn’t.

The scale will also tell you a lot about your lifestyle. A night of drinking and binging on snacks will show on the scale as soon as the next day and you’ll have a good idea about what you must lose to maintain or shed pounds for health and wellness.

Things are changing rapidly in how we view weight loss methods. What was shunned in the past may have a popular revival in 2018 as more studies are performed and more is revealed about what works – and what doesn’t – for weight loss and healthy living.

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How Social Media Can Help You Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

How Social Media Can Help You Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Gone are the days when we thought social media was just a fad. We now know that it can provide helpful information that can use to change our lives – or save our lives. You’ll be hearing and noticing much more in the coming year about the social media way of dieting.

The Instagram Diet is rapidly moving ahead to help people lose weight by offering information and social support. Besides getting motivation from others, you can give motivation by sharing your experience through the photo sharing process of Instagram.

The community involvement that Instagram provides is a valuable asset for those trying to lose weight and achieve life goals. People are clamoring for information that will help them in their struggles – and Instagram meets that need.

Rather than attend weight loss meetings and trying methods that don’t work in the long run, the community you’ll connect with on Instagram and other social media sites can be reached any time and is a more personal way to give and receive help.

On Instagram, you can separate your accounts into those meant for sharing with different groups of people – such as family, friends, weight loss support and more. One of the main motivational techniques that Instagram offers is the ability to post pictures and recipes for healthy food.

This can be a great tool for encouraging others to choose low calorie and healthy foods rather than high fat and high cholesterol foods. Pictures and food journals also act as learning tools for recognizing healthy foods compared to unhealthy ones.

And you don’t have to write a description of the meal if you’re in a hurry. A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to recognizing low calorie and health-oriented foods.

So many exciting new developments are being launched on the Internet and social media is one of the areas that’s going to enjoy even more popularity as people discover the benefits of using the Instagram Diet and other Internet support for weight loss and healthy living.

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Banish Foods that Cause Weight Gain

Banish Foods that Cause Weight Gain

Food that you consume will either help you lose or gain weight. It’s going to be much easier to choose the healthier foods in 2018 because of new research conducted on various foods and how it affects your body.

Rather than diets which may not focus on what your body needs to lose weight and become healthy, making the right food choices is likely to become the new celebrity diet plan for 2018.

Whereas constant dieting ends up making us gain weight, getting rid of the foods that will help us lose weight and keep it off for good is the better choice by far. Banishing foods from your shopping list isn’t a quick fix, but a life change that will reset your body’s method of dealing with excess weight.

The great thing about this method to lose weight is that you’re never hungry. You don’t need to limit your intake of food – you just need to make better choices. Fruits, grains and vegetables are some of the healthy choices you can make.

Some of the foods you should avoid if you want to lose weight are coconut oil (choose olive oil instead), white bread (choose whole grain bread instead), cheese (lower your cheese intake to once per week) – and alcohol (choose water for zero calories).

Also, choose fresh fruit rather than dried to enjoy sustainable weight loss. Dried fruit contains much more calories than fresh and contains no water. And, watch out for enhanced water.

They could contain as many as 130 calories per drink and lots of sugar as well. Green tea is one of best drinks (after water) that you can choose and research has proven that it helps with weight loss.

Artificial sweeteners have also been found to promote long-term weight gain. Even though the calories aren’t there, our bodies react by changing our metabolism and by changing our insulin response and glucose levels.

This disruption of our metabolism and other reactions of the body leads to excess storage of fat and many illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

We all know that potato chips are fattening and contain treacherous trans fats. But, did you know that potato chips can cause the most weight gain – even more than ice cream and other fattening foods. Choose fresh fruits and veggies for an energy-laden snack.

The year 2018 will see people concentrating on making better food choices than trying to adapt themselves to a diet that will only make them gain more weight. Start making better food and drink choices now and reap the benefits right away.

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Meditate to Get the Best Weight Loss Results


Meditate to Get the Best Weight Loss Results

Over the past years, meditation has enjoyed an increase in popularity as more people realize that meditation techniques can do for their health and outlook on life. This ancient practice has been around since the Stone Age and has become trendy in recent years.

Now, it’s become more than a trend as studies indicate that it delivers health benefits beyond what we originally thought. In 2018, meditation techniques are poised to become more popular than ever as science releases more information about its amazing benefits.

And meditation offers even more benefits than we originally thought. For example, new studies indicate that besides stress reduction, meditation can also help balance your hormones and that it surpasses the most popular diet plans for losing weight.

Now we know that dieting is actually a bad idea. It may cause inflammation and cause changes in your metabolism that can produce weight gain, binging and even eating disorders.

Research on the effects of meditation on weight in a controlled group shows that those who practiced meditation lost more weight than the dieters. Meditation actually changes the way you eat because you’re thinking more with your mind than giving in to cravings.

With meditation you’re focusing your attention on the present moment to have a calm and clear path to success, especially when it comes to stress. Stress is the catalyst which drives many people to eat more or eat in an unhealthy manner.

You’ll become more aware of the thoughts and urges you have when it comes to food by engaging in a more mindful way of dealing with weight loss – rather than a strict diet plan which may result in more emotional eating habits.

Another benefit of meditation is that it doesn’t cost anything. All you need is a quiet place, a comfortable position and an attitude that you’re going to focus your attention on something else – a phrase (mantra), your breathing or something else to relax you.

For meditation to be successful, you must make a commitment to stop what you’re doing and become more aware of what’s within and surrounding you. This may take some time to master, but when you do you’ll have transformed your thinking to a more positive way of looking at things.

Meditation, in the New Year of 2018, will garner much more attention than in the past as a way to support positive changes in your life and helping you to become more in touch with your body’s needs. Learn all you can now and be ahead of the crowd.

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Unlock Your Genes to Change Eating Habits

eating habits

Unlock Your Genes to Change Eating Habits

You’ll learn much more in 2018 about using DNA results to unlock the health and diet secrets you hold in your genetic code. DNA is becoming a big business and more people are becoming aware about genes and how they affect the body’s ability to metabolize what we consume.

For the first time in our lives, medical and scientific research has determined that our DNA can affect not only our eating habits, but the way our bodies metabolize foods we consume to make us gain or lose weight.

For example, certain types of genes metabolize many foods and drinks (such as caffeine) much more slowly – increasing the risk of serious health problems. The New Year will bring about significant changes in the way we think about diet and health.

DNA testing is available now and the future of genetic startup companies looks promising as more people are willing to take the genetic test so they can choose which foods they should eat to promote health and lose weight.

In the past, we’ve used certain diet plans (at least one every year) for everyone even though we’re all different and our genes determine what we should eat – or not – for maximum results.

Personalized DNA testing more accurately guides you to the medical recommendations for intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, sodium and vitamin C – and as a bonus, provides information about food and drink you should avoid – such as alcohol and sodas.

With all the interest in DNA testing, there are bound to be new businesses that pop up to take advantage of the surging demand. DNA-based products are ready now, and 2018 promises to offer many options.

The personal genomics company, Helix, recently launched the first online site that you can shop for services. You can have your genome sequenced and even have access to other services such as Vinome which advises you how to use your genomic results to choose the right wine for you, for example.

Another service – EverlyWell – provides testing for food sensitivities and how your metabolism operates. You’ve been able to test your genetic makeup for a while to determine your nationality makeup, but now you can go beyond and see what you’re doing that directly impacts your overall health.

DNA testing is expanding at a rapid rate, soon offering diagnostic tools, wireless clothing that provides health reports and other personalized products.

The entire genomics market is expected to grow rapidly and generate billions of dollars on a global scale. In 2018, fad diets, weight loss plans and supplements will begin to take a back seat to the more personalized way to determine the best method for you to lose weight and achieve maximum health benefits – through your DNA.

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Diet Success Tips for 2018

red fruits

Diet Success Tips for 2018

The New Year of 2018 is rapidly approaching – even though you may still be catching the last rays of the waning summer sun. How do you view the year ahead – with trepidation or excitement?

It may help to begin now to plan the future year so that when it does finally hit, you’ll be prepared to make it your best year ever. No matter what your age, if you can look in the mirror and know you’re doing your best to be fit and happy, you’re a success.

Things are changing rapidly in healthy diets and mental acuity to help you be the best you can be. Genetic discoveries are made every day that can impact the way you eat, exercise and maintain your health.

The 2018 year promises to be a great year for learning new ways to control your appetite and motivate yourself to be fit and healthy. Personalized nutrition plans, calculated for your body type and metabolism, using your mind to reach diet and fitness goals and much more will be revealed in the coming year.

Armed with knowledge you can easily prepare for the upcoming revelations in 2018 that will help you meet your diet and overall fitness goals. It’s exciting and fun to anticipate what’s in store that could make us rethink the way we approach dieting and health issues.

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