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The Biggest Causes of Preventable Back Pain

The Biggest Causes of Preventable Back Pain

The thing about the back is that most people never really pay it much attention to it until it starts to hurt. Then they realize just how much they rely on their back for everything they do.

Back pain can be pretty miserable, whether it’s short or long term. Though there can be many causes for the type of pain in this area of the body, most are preventable. There are several common causes of back pain that you can work on avoiding.

One of these is back pain caused by straining the muscles. This type of pain is nearly always caused by lifting things that are heavy. When you lift things that are heavy, it puts a strain on the muscles in your back.

The reason this is common is because most people don’t lift heavy things on a regular basis, so their muscles aren’t used to that type of load-bearing exercise. It’s easy to think that you can handle a greater weight than your body can deal with.

Lifting heavy things can put strain on the spine and can cause inflammation or back muscle spasms. The way that you lift things matters, too. If you lift the wrong way, you may be twisting your spine, especially if you’re at an awkward angle.

It only takes a second to injure your back this way. If you lift heavy things from the ground and you’re not aligned correctly, this can cause back pain because the weight of the item or items isn’t spread evenly across the muscles.

Sometimes, it’s not picking things up from the ground that cause back issues. The pain can also stem from reaching overhead to bring something down to you. You can cause a strain in your lower back muscles and have pain from that... 

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