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The Danger of Simply Accepting That Spare Tire

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The Danger of Simply Accepting That Spare Tire

Belly fat is the worst place for fat to be on the body. Though it’s become more common as people gain weight, it’s dangerous to just accept your spare tire without trying to do something to get rid of it.

You might think that your belly fat isn’t that bad and that you’re not at risk. You can check yourself at home with a simple measuring tape you’d typically use for sewing. Place the tape measure across your belly where your belly button is.

If you’re a woman and your waist is 35 inches or greater, that means you have a dangerous amount of belly fat. If you’re a man and your waist measurement is 40 inches or greater, that means your health is on the line as well.

The higher your measurements are beyond the 35 and 40, the greater your health risks are. These measurements are an indicator of how much fat is affecting you that you can’t see.

Belly fat isn’t something that just affects your waistline. It also affects your internal organs. Having belly fat means that your internal organs are being smothered by fat as well.

This is known as visceral fat, and though you aren’t able to see it, it’s surrounding your organs. Most often affected is the liver, which is what leads people to develop liver disease such as NASH (Non Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis).
But the belly fat can also affect the pancreas and lead to pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas. Besides affecting your body by damaging your organs, belly fat can also cause insulin resistance.

When you have insulin resistance, it means that your body is not able to use the insulin it produces well enough to keep your glucose levels within a healthy range. This can lead you to develop type 2 diabetes and all the risks that are associated with having that disease...

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