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Tips to Break Sudden Weight Gain

Tips to Break Sudden Weight Gain

When you’re trying to lose weight, there are sometimes habits that can inevitably lead to sudden weight gain. If you’re not someone who checks the scale on a regular basis, this weight gain can come as a shock.

But what you can do to stop it is pretty easy. If you’re not already working out with a regular exercise routine, then start one. Exercise is one of the best ways to break sudden weight gain and it’s also best for turning fat into muscle.

If you are already exercising but you’ve gained weight, then it could be that your calorie intake is higher than what you’re burning in your workouts. You need to either change up your routine by choosing different exercises than you’d normally do or you need to add to the duration or repetitions to what you’re already doing.

Mindless eating can cause sudden weight gain.  This can happen when you snack while you’re cooking, when you eat while you’re watching television or when you’re just not paying attention to the kinds of food that you’re eating.

Additional calories that you forget or neglect to consider can play a part in causing you to gain unexpected weight. You’ll find these calories in things like already sweetened beverages or drinks that you add sweeteners to.

A change in your dietary habits can cause weight gain. If you’ve been eating five small meals a day and you’re now eating five bigger meals, that can add up. It can also be a problem with your dietary habits if you used to make sure you ate breakfast every day but now you’ve started skipping it.

Skipping breakfast can make you hungrier so you end up snacking before lunch or overeating at lunch. Not eating around the same time every day can lead to sudden weight gain because your body gets used to the time you’ve been eating.

You may find that you’re having to eat something to tide you over until meal time. This can happen when your schedule changes or  you lose track of time and eat later than normal.

Forgetting to balance out your carbs with protein can cause you to gain weight. Your body needs protein and it needs some carbs but if you eat more carbs than protein that out of balance can add the pounds.

Deciding that you know enough about portion control to just wing it can cause sudden weight gain. People tend to underestimate the size of their food portions rather than overestimating.

Not drinking enough water can also cause sudden weight gain. When you don’t have enough hydration in your body, it can make your metabolism slower and impedes your body’s ability to get rid of fat.

There are signs of dehydration besides thirst such as dry mouth and eyes, headaches, muscle cramps and fatigue. So while you’re on your weight loss journey, make sure that you consume plenty of water to help avoid any gains.