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Top 5 Food Tips That’ll Help You Sleep

Top 5 Food Tips That’ll Help You Sleep

I am a fairly good sleeper myself but my wife has had a huge sleep problem for years and that’s inspite of her using some kind of sleeping pill, needless to say we each have our bedroom for it is simply impossible to sleep in the same bed and not disturb each other.

I think I’m going to recommend her to read this article too:

How did you sleep last night? I hope you effortlessly drifted off to dreamland and clocked around 8 hours. But if you didn’t, you’re certainly not alone. My restless nights creep in when I spend too many long, stressy hours at the computer and not enough time noodling and decompressing. Since I know how frustrating these nights can be and how crucial sleep is to our overall well-being, I wanted to continue the sleep conversation I started here.

There are many approaches we can take to improving our sleep, from creating a cozy snooze nest and reducing caffeine, to blocking out light leaks and exercising at the right time (here’s a refresher on my top ten tips). But today, I want to talk about how food can help our slumber. To start, it’s important to understand how our inner master clock works to help. This internal timepiece wakes us up in the morning and allows us to hit the hay at night.

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