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Using The Wellness Wheel To Support Resilience

Using The Wellness Wheel To Support Resilience.

One of the best ways to build on your resilience capacity is to audit your wellbeing often. Why? It will be even harder to pull through challenging times if important wellbeing areas are way outbalanced, then the struggle will be made even harder.

For example, if your eating habits and sleep habits are poor, your energy during the day will plummet – not what you want when you are building resilience. By paying more attention to these areas, you'll be to bring them back into balance and thus put yourself in a better position of resilient growth.

Using the wellness wheel which covers various dimensions of wellness makes it easy to identify which areas of your life need more attention while defining an action plan to improve them.

How the wellness wheel works

The core idea behind the wellness wheel is to assess the different areas of wellness that affect your wellbeing. These include the following:

*Physical health including your exercising, sleeping and eating habits.
*Mental health including your day to day mindset thoughts and emotions.
*Relationships in your life, in other words, to what extent do you feel you are connected to others.
*Recreational health. This would be assessing your downtime, including the time you get to practice your hobbies and interests.
*Financial health, including budgeting and saving money for the future.
*Occupation health. This is your current job and career prospects.
*Spiritual health. This is your personal growth and purpose in your life.
*Home health. This is the health of your home, including how safe you feel in it and how happy you are with it.

The eight areas above represent your life. Rank your level of satisfaction with each area out of 10. 1 means you are struggling and feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied in that area. 10 means you're satisfied and complete fulfilled with that area and don't think it needs much improvement. An example of what this might look like is below.....

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