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What is Phone Addiction and How It Affects Us

Phone addiction may sound silly to some readers who
remember a time before smartphones and 5G internet, but it is
a real and serious issue plaguing thousands of people every
single day. Consider another term for phone addiction - this
term is referred to as “nomophobia,” which is the fear of being
without a mobile phone.

This type of addiction is a disorder that involves the compulsive
overuse of mobile devices. These compulsive habits are
typically quantified by the total amount of time that a person is
online within an average day, as well as the total number of
times a person accesses their phone. However, compulsive
overuse is just one facet of phone addiction.

This type of addiction is typically supplemented by concurring
internet addiction. This is when a person cannot control their
urges and behaviors regarding computer use and the internet.
This can lead to someone suffering from psychological distress,
as well as mental and physical impairment.

Worse yet, it is extremely easy for a modern-day person to
become addicted to the internet. At the beginning of the internet revolution in the late twentieth century, the internet
was relatively difficult to access - you had to be technologicallysavvy
to successfully surf the web....

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