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Why Are Phones So Addictive

Why Are Phones So Addictive

One thing that is important to understand, especially for someone with phone addiction, is that the internet and social media have been designed to be addictive. This is hard to swallow for some at first because there are many positive aspects to social media.

Connecting with friends and distant family members, keeping up to date with societal and current life events, finding entertaining content, discovering communities for people who share similar interests - these are all wonderful benefits to using social media. However, the drawbacks are very serious and in the worst-case scenarios and to the most extreme extent, they can even be deadly.

Regular, compulsive usage of social media has been proven to be detrimental to a person’s mental health. This can sadly be observed in the suicide trend among adolescent girls, which drastically and exponentially increased during the time social media became a regularly utilized platform. Social scientists and other experts agree that this rise in suicidal behavior can be attributed to the need to be validated by people online, as
well as many other factors regarding the presentation of self- image and the over-exposure of people’s personal lives....

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