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Why Become a Vegetarian?

One main and simple reason why people usually become vegetarians is that they’re generally healthier than the rest of the population and statistics show they live longer too. A plant-based diet is known to make the immune system strong and slow the aging process.

A vegetarian diet is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and fiber, while meats may contain contaminants such as herbicides, hormones, pesticides and other hazardous poisons. Viruses such as salmonella and other parasites may also be present in flesh foods.

Most of us fear cancer. Studies now show that avoiding red meat significantly reduces the risk of some cancers and that a diet rich in fiber and vegetables may protect us from contracting that deadly disease.

Lower saturated fats and cholesterol is also a perk of a vegetarian diet. Research has proven that vegetarians have a lower (25%) risk of suffering from heart disease than those who eat meat and can even help to reverse coronary problems.

Vegetarians are generally more slender than those who eat meat. The diet is lower in fat and contains the fiber and nutrients needed to lose weight and keep it off. Diabetics may also benefit from the vegetarian diet plan.

Animal lovers are apt to develop a vegetarian lifestyle because of their spirit of compassion. Factory farms process animals with very little regulation on cruelty and these animals suffer pain the same as cats and dogs that are our pets.

Reduction of global warming is another reason that people are choosing a vegetarian lifestyle. Livestock on factory farms emit more greenhouse gases than the combination of all trucks and cars in the world.

World hunger is a problem that we deal with on a daily basis. Children are needlessly starving to death because much of the food we grow is used to fatten livestock. Facts show that if everyone adapted a vegetarian diet, we could produce enough food for the entire population to survive.

Vegetarians enjoy a wide range of tastes and textures in the foods they consume. As the world becomes more submissive to a vegetarian diet, more options are becoming available and even restaurants and fast food establishments are offering a nice range of vegetarian meals.

Even cutting back on meat-based meals can improve your health and reduce the risk of obesity and other problems. Make sure you check with your health care provider if you choose one of the more restrictive vegetarian diet plans.

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