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You are the Only One in Control of Your Emotions

You are the Only One in Control of Your Emotions

Do you often feel out of control, or like you are just a sensitive, emotional person? Do you think the way you think and feel is because of what other people do or just bad luck? If this sounds like you, then YOU are the problem. You have full control over your thoughts, mindset, and even your emotions. Yes, unexpected things in life can happen to derail you and make it a little harder to gain control, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. At the end of the day, the only one who can tell you how to think and feel is YOU.

Keep reading if you want to learn about controlling your emotions and finally take responsibility.

Adjust Your Thinking

Yes – you can absolutely change your thoughts and how you think about things! Stop making excuses and assuming the way you are now, is how you will be forever. IT can be hard to deal with emotional stress sand other events that tend to affect your emotional state, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change things around.

Now is a great time to analyze what is going on in your mindset. Are you overly negative and pessimistic? Do you tend to play the victim a lot? Do you make assumptions, whether or not they could be true? These thought patterns might seem innocent enough, but more often than not, YOU are the reason you feel bad, not other people or even situations that you find yourself in.

You are in Control of How You Respond

Another way to get in control of your emotions is in how you respond to things. This is both internally and externally. Even if you don’t say anything out loud when someone says something to offend or insult you, you are still internalizing it. You are telling yourself it makes you sad or depressed, that it is worsening your anxiety, that people are out to get you.

Start adjusting how you respond to things. Start by not responding right away – whether it means what you say or what you think and feel. Remind yourself that things are often not as they seem, and your own negative thinking could be making it worse. Self-sabotage is the unfortunate result.

Overthinking is Toxic

There are many different ways to feel like you are losing control of your emotions, and overthinking is a big one. The problem with overthinking is that it is subtle, and you feel like you are doing a good thing. You tell yourself that you are just trying to work through something, figure things out, and make sense of your life.

But more often than not, you are just lying to yourself, and instead using overthinking as a way to create excuses for yourself. Overthinking often leads to stress and anxiety, and is yet another method of self-sabotage.

You Aren’t Psychic – Stop Acting Like it

This goes hand-in-hand with overthinking. Stop assuming you know people’s motives and can predict the future. You have NO idea what will happen if you try something new, change jobs, get out of your comfort zone, or end a partnership. You aren’t psychic, and all you are doing is making empty assumptions that are only going to bring you down.