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You May Be In Trouble If You Haven’t Taken A Vacation Or A Long Weekend In A Long Time

How do you know if your life is off-balanced? There are actually quite a number of signs. The problem is not the absence of these signs or indicators but our willingness to perceive them.

Just as people can continuously drive over a bridge that's showing many small cracks, people can continue to live their lives even though there are signs of an emotional, psychological and spiritual breakdown in the works. It is really sad that people only sit up and pay attention when it's too late.

We have the same attitude when it comes to our mental, emotional and psychological well-being. These are all wrapped together, flow together, inform each other and fall under the general heading of personal spirituality. It really is too bad because the signs are everywhere, you just need to open your eyes to them.

Believe it or not, the most common sign that your life may be off balance in a very significant and fundamental way involves your vacation time. If you haven't taken a vacation or even opted for a long weekend since forever, you might want to slow down and ask yourself, "Why don't I take a vacation? Is it because I can't afford it?"

If you're really honest with yourself, there's very little you cannot afford. Thanks to credit cards, and thanks to the concept of saving, you can pretty much afford a significant chunk of what life has to offer. So it's not that. The real issue is you are unwilling to spend something other than money. I'm talking about your time.

You may be caught up in this emotional treadmill of aiming to get more and more stuff, to get higher and higher in hierarchy that you lose sight of the big picture. What's the point of gaining everything when you lose everything at the end?

That's precisely what's happening when you're on that treadmill. You keep saying to yourself, "Well, I'm not taking a vacation now because I'm getting ready for that ultimate vacation, I'm getting ready for early retirement, I'm building stuff and I'm sacrificing for a much better life." This is a serious sign.

Your life is completely off-balance because most people look forward to vacations, most people prize vacations and the fact that you won't even take long weekends speaks volumes to how much your values have gone off tract. You might want to step back and look at this as a dangerous sign.

Ignore that signal, and you only have yourself to blame when significant areas of your life truly cave in. You may be in serious trouble. To see how you can take practical steps, to regain control over the important areas of your life, click here.

You have to remember that your personal happiness is your responsibility. You cannot ignore this responsibility. You cannot sweep it under garage. You have to always take ownership of it and incorporate it into your daily decisions. It doesn't take much to live a balance life. Click here to find out how.


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